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    This kit will suit you at any time of the year, just imagine how stylish and beautiful you will be doing household chores in it.

    Black ABlack BBlack CCaramel ACaramel BCaramel CLilac ALilac BLilac CRed ARed BRed C
    Kích thướcDưới ngực Eo Chiều Rộng Chiều dài
    skirt M(40-50KG)62-7866-8267
    skirt L(50-55KG)68-8272-8669
    skirt XL(55-60KG)72-8876-9770
    skirt XXL(60-65KG)80-10288-11271
    ROBE M(40-50KG)95-10590-10077
    ROBE M(40-50KG)100-11095-10579
    ROBE M(40-50KG)105-115100-11081
    ROBE M(40-50KG)110-120105-11583
    Sale! Nightgown and Kimono Robe SetNightgown and Kimono Robe Set

    Nightgown and Kimono Robe Set

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