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The Difference Between a Tank Top and a Camisole

07/10/2021 Off By jordadmin


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word “tank top?” Perhaps you think of an article of clothing that is missing sleeves, has a sleek design, or something that can be worn comfortability, but are those things unique just to tank tops? Camisoles are yet another layering shirt that consists of these characteristics, so what makes them different from one another?

If you’re struggling to think of anything, don’t worry, a lot of people do. More often than not, people use the word “tank top” to describe anything that doesn’t have sleeves, but we here at Heirloom are writing this blog to help you differentiate between a regular tank top and a camisole. Here are some of the different characteristics between the two layering shirts.


Tank Top Characteristics

The tank top is a sleeveless, collarless and oftentimes tight-fitting upper garment. The fit depends on the style of the tank top. When you look at the tank top, the first thing that people notice are the straps. Tank tops can have different strap styles but they usually have wider straps as opposed to spaghetti straps.

Tank tops are frequently worn on their own during the summer months, and they can also be used as exercise shirts or pyjamas during any time of the year. Depending on the brand and where they are purchased, tanks usually come in solid colours, but they can also come with designs and graphics. They are generally made from cotton and polyester, or a blend of the two.



Camisole Characteristics

Camisoles are yet again a sleeveless upper garment, but besides that, they are different from regular tank tops. Unlike regular tank tops, camisoles have spaghetti straps and are usually worn as layering shirts. Camisoles work well under a shirt, jacket or cardigan. Rarely will you find a woman wearing these on their own?

When it comes to materials, camisoles are often made from satin, nylon, silk or cotton. As you can see, they vary in material, where tank tops tend to stick with cotton. Most camisole layering shirts come in solid colours, but they can also come with different embellishments like lace trimmings, bows and other elegant designs.



As you can see, taking a closer look at these two shirts will show you that they have some significant differences. If you want to stock your wardrobe with comfortable and reliable clothing items, whether that be a layering shirt or a camisole, make sure to check out our selection online.