Tips to Stop Your Shapewear from Rolling Down

12/10/2021 Off By jordadmin


Thanks to the presence of shapewear, all you lovely ladies out there are getting the confidence to wear your favourite outfit and flaunt your style. Most of us have at least one piece of this much-loved shapewear in our wardrobes. Of course, the majority will have more than one, after all, we love shopping! When you are finally ready to leave your house, looking slinky and sparkly, wearing the perfect silhouette to your slimming shapewear, the least you expect is for your flawless look to not be ruined within an hour. Yes, we are talking about the very real challenge of roll down.

To save yourself from such an instance, follow these five handy tips to avoid roll down for your good:


1) Choose your size wisely

Your fight against rolling and slipping shapewear begins with choosing the right shapewear and knowing what type will suit you. If you don’t know your size, measure your waist and hips in inches with measuring tape for more accuracy. If you are a size large on the size chart, don’t order yourself a smaller size, thinking that you will be getting double the shaping power, rather what you should do is look for shapewear that is made from firmer compression. Getting properly measured shapewear will ensure a great fit, solving most problems before they arise.



2) Choose high waisted shapewear with silicone grips

Lots of high waisted shapewear has a lining inside the waistband. This helps to hold it up in place so that it can stay in place at the waist. The silicon grip of this shapewear helps the shapewear to stick to your skin, but not in the literal place. Don’t worry as it won’t lead to any kind of rash or red marks but it kind of seals your skin. These tummy tuckers with silicon grips are a blessing that will help you in obtaining a shape for which women die.


3) Choose shapewear with straps

If you have often found that whichever shapewear you wear, it always rolls down on you, you need to wear shapewear with straps. The straps will keep the shapewear in place and will stop it from rolling down. You can now stop worrying about rolling down of shapewear, as it can quickly become a thing of the past. A high compression bodysuit is what you need and by wearing this, you can rock your bodycon dress.



4) Put on your shapewear correctly

Putting on shapewear requires a little more thought than just throwing on a dress over it and then heading out the door. Make sure that your skin is completely dry or if your skin is wet, give your skin time to cool down completely. Shapewear on damp skin is a big no-no. As shapewear is designed to be quite tight, you often need to roll it onto your body as you would a pair of tights or long socks. Always make sure that your shapewear is correctly placed so that any cups or lines appear exactly where they should.


5) Know some quick fixes

If you don’t have time to get your hands on new shapewear, know some quick fixes tips to modify your shapewear from rolling down. You can tuck your shapewear into your bra, giving you a much better line under your clothes. If you still worry that things might start slipping down over the evening, use some fashion tape to keep everything in place. An important office meeting or a great evening shouldn’t be ruined by shapewear!



Now, even when you have to spend long hours outside, you can absolutely look stunning with no fear of your shapewear rolling down, and you can thank us later for these tips.