What is The Difference Between Hipster and Bikini Panties?

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Choosing panties from a wide variety of styles and types is awesome but also really tough! I agree. Right now you’re probably scratching your head, and thinking too much about choosing between the two super popular cheeky styles: hipster and bikini underwear. You might be wondering what exactly is the difference between these styles? Don’t worry sweeties, I’ve got you covered. Both of these styles are pretty and super comfortable, but still, there are a few differences between both parties. Let us know them without any further ado. After knowing them you can decide which one is the best choice for you.


What exactly are hipster panties?

Another name for these hipsters is hip huggers. As the name itself says, hipsters, the waistband of this panty sits on the hips, two inches below the waist. These hipster panties offer amazing side coverage and give you a sexy sleek and toned figure. You have different types depending on your comfort: Low waist, mid-waist and high waist hipsters. The high-waisted ones slightly tuck the tummy in giving a sleek silhouette. You can pick hipster panties in various fabrics like cotton, modal, polyamide, etc. and with trendy designs like sheer panels, lacewings, and trinkets for a hot look.



What exactly are bikini panties?

Between seducing thongs and conservative hipsters, these bikini panties are the ideal choice for most women. These panties are super popular and a favourite amongst women of all age groups across the world. These panties are an ideal choice no matter what outfit you’re wearing or what your day looks like. Compared to hipsters bikini panties are slimmer along the sides and have high cut linings at the legs. Bikini style panties are perfect if you want decent coverage without compromising on comfort and style.



Remember, when making the decision between bikini or hipster panty both options are an amazing choice for both active or relaxing in leisure days. One of the major differences between bikini and hipster panties is how they sit on the body. The bikini styles sit just below the hip, showing a bit more of the abdomen, while the hipster panties cover all those extra bulges and give you a perfectly sleek look.


Choose hipster underwear:

● If you want more fabric on the hip
● If you want to cover those little bulges
● If you want more front coverage
● If you want less cheekiness


Chose bikini underwear:

● If you want to flaunt your shape
● If you want less fabric on the hip
● If you don’t want front coverage
● If you want a bit extra cheekiness


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