What’s The Best Underwear To Wear With Leggings?

21/09/2021 Off By jordadmin


Leggings – the easiest thing to pull on, this style is quickly becoming every girl’s new best friend. You can dress it up or keep it casual and wear it just about anywhere – to the gym, yoga class, mall, café… You get the picture.
But, there’s one catch – leggings often fall prey to embarrassing panty lines!

The thing about leggings and workout trousers is that they cling to the skin very closely. They define the shape, thus anything you wear under it will be visible. How can you avoid that? The answer to this question is that you choose underwears that don’t show underneath the leggings. We have listed our top recommendations of types of underwear that are no show.



Laser-cut Panties

The brilliance of the laser-cut underwear is that it has no seams and no folds at the edges that will show up under fitted clothes. That means – no panty lines! So, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to pairing it under your leggings. You can choose from a wide range of cuts like high rise, hipster or bikini bottoms.




Don’t want even the smallest chance of panty lines showing? Then thongs are your best bet! Wear this zero-coverage style under any leggings and you have nothing to fear!
PS: If you think thongs are uncomfortable, you may be misinformed. Try a range of fabrics to find ones that are best suited to you.



Boy shorts

If you’re not too comfortable with the zero-coverage option, you can choose this full-coverage style. The edges end just at your upper thigh, so no panty line is visible along your rear! It’s a win-win!



Beyond materials and construction, ultimately your personal preference for underwear styles will help you find which pair best under leggings. First, determine whether you prefer a low, high or natural waist for the rise and then choose your most comfortable coverage from full to cheeky to bare. The right combination of rising and coverage ensures your panties stay put furthering the sleek, no line appearance.


Tips for Buying Underwear You Can’t See Under Leggings

To make your underwear choosing journey easier for you, we bring you some tips and points to remember while shopping. Remember these points for a comfortable shopping journey.



The first thing that you should focus on is that your underwear should be comfortable. It should not pierce your skin or cause irritation or red marks. It should be soft, smooth, and moisture-wicking.



For underneath the leggings always choose the fabric that is lightweight and absorbs moisture. Spandex and nylon blends are good choices for legging underpants.



Leave out the edges if you want no-show underpants for your yoga pants. Seamless panties are the most preferred ones because they don’t form lines on the outside of leggings.


Size and colour

Wearing the right size is also important. Large size will sag and there will be unnecessary fold visible on the outside. Smaller than your size will be too tight and will lead to discomfort. Moreover, nude shade or the ones that match your leggings are preferred.